Water is the vital component of human life. Without water, most life as we know it on Earth would cease to exist. But the way we access water may decide the future of the planet … Join a new movement to drink from re-usable water bottles and help save Mother Earth.

As we speak, plastic water bottles and other trash have formed huge floating islands of trash and are destroying our ocean habitats. Each time a human cracks open a disposable water bottle, Mother Earth must absorb still one more piece of human-made junk. And Mother Earth is getting a little annoyed.

Years ago, mathemetians figured out that if we put all the water bottles that humans use each year in a long line, end to end, it would wrap around the entire planet several times. Wow! What a staggering image.

Think, instead, of using a metal water bottle like in the picture above. Not only will you save money by refilling your metal bottle with fresh clean water from your purifier or reversis osmosis machine, BUT you will also avoid throwing hundreds or even thousands of disposable plastic water bottles in the trash and into the oceans.

The best part is that when you are done with the metal water bottles, they are made of natural materials and will simply degrade back into Mother Earth. What an amazing concept!

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