Leadership is one of the most valuable skills that a child can develop during childhood. Even young children can lead peers along the right path, steering them away from dangerous or inappropriate choices.

In some cases, children will form a synergystic bond in which each child leads the other in at least one critical area. Cross ability peer tutoring allows children with stronger academic skills to support classmates who struggle. At the same time, some of the children who struggle academically have strong social skills, and can lead classmates down the path of socialization and frienship.

Is your child home schooled? Consider joining a home school group that will allow your child to engage in meaningful leadership. 

If your child attends a public, private or charter school, have a talk with the principal or school counselor. They should be familiar with the concept of cross ability peer tutoring – if they aren’t, catch them up on this evidence-based strategy. Encourage them to begin a peer tutoring program at your child’s school.

In the community, help your child recognize how to serve as a peer leader on the sports field, at the playground, and while hanging out with friends. Early leadership skills are likely to boost your child’s success in college and career down the road. So it is never to early to get started.

Does your child engage in Peer Leadership? Are you a teenager or young adult who demonstrated Leadership among your peers? If so, we want to hear your story.

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