We live in an entirely fresh and unexpected world. The leaders of the past were hall monitors, class president, and teacher’s pet. But the Youth Leadership of today approaches their responsibilities with an entirely different energy … and often with a mic.

The internet and technology have increased the ease with which young performers can create, record, and broadcast their creative projects. Many young singers, rappers, song writers, and lyricists have found their voice through Tic Toc, YouTube, and Instagram. Still others perform at local youth clubs, churches, schools, and community events.

Youth leaders share their message through rap, lyrics, and song. They have the power to inspire the next generation to greatness.

As you watch the Hearth Star Festival, remember that each adult performer was one day a Youth Leader … perhaps just like you.

Are you a talented rapper? Singer? Song writer or lyricist? Then we want to hear from you!!! 

Visit our Submission page to see how you can submit your performance by video or audio for consideration for publishing on this website. Please remember to have your parents fill out the permission form in order for your submission to be considered.