Lighter Than Air

Balloons are amazing objects … filled with air, possibility, and imagination. Children can imagine that a balloon is an imaginary friend just floating alongside them on the way home. Or perhaps the balloon is a space ship waiting to beam up friends to take them to a birthday party on the moon. For many children, balloons represent hope … a symbol of the potential to blow a little warm breath into a latex satchel, and watch it bounce, grow, and take flight.

For children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges, balloons can even become a tool for growth and recovery. Children can blow out their bad, sad, mad, or frustrating feelings into the belly of a balloon and just let it go. Or they can sit on a balloon and make it pop with the weight of their bodies.

Whatever the orientation to balloons, children love them. And we encourage parents to include many of these wonderful bouncing beauties in the celebration of Peace and Sustainability as we sojourn through this first Hearth Star Festival … knowing in our hearts that there are many more Hearth Star Festivals to come.