As a child, I learned that the particles in the living room table were nothing more than energy packets of light that only appeared to be solid. Then I got older, and figured out that all of creation is made up of energy.

We studied it in science. We talked about it in youth group. And now I feel it in my heart. It is the tingling burning feeling in my chest when I am so inspired that I feel that my heart might burst.

It is the energy that flows through my body, lighting up my nervous system with feelings, thoughts, and ideas. The light is the force that heals my skin when it is cut and restores my faith when I am sad.

As people come together – sheltered safely in their home – to enjoy the Hearth Star Festival performances, the energy of togetherness will be so strong that it might feel like someone strumming the strings of your heart. Or it might feel like the vibration in your body when you drive in a car on a bumpy road.

However you feel the light … just know that it is there. Inside of you. Guiding you. And helping you become the person you were meant to be.

Hearth Star Festivals is celebrating the Light in YOU!!!