Children love fruit. And this is what makes fruit water so very special. Instead of sugary punches and fountain drinks … like soda and pop … drink Fruity Water instead!

The recipe is super easy. Younger children can make it with an adult’s help. Middle school aged children and older can do it on their own. 

Take a few slices or sections of your favorite fruits. Gently squeeze them into a water bottle. Then fill the bottle with ice cold filtered or reverse osmosis water. Let stand for at least an hour … and enjoy!!!

Prepare your favorite flavors of fruity water ahead of time to enjoy during the Hearth Star Festival. The water will hydrate your body while the minerals in the fruit will nourish your cells.

Make a video if yourself making your fruity water … and share your favorite Fruity Water recipe. Visit the “Submissions” page to learn how you can share your video and other artwork and pictures with other children and youth on this festival website.

Make sure your parents provide permission to submit and share your videos, pictures, and artwork.