What is better than your very own flashlight to explore outside at night? Why, your very own jar of stringed LED lights. Your parents can help your find a plastic jar, like a mayonnaise jar, and fill it with a mini string of LED decorate lights.

You will be filled with wonderment and awe when your explore outdoors to see what bugs, plants, and critters are lurking around your house or apartment after the sun goes down. And for children who live in the city, the jar of lights is very similar to catching fireflies out in the meadow.

Sing “This Little Light of Mine” with your parents or siblings as you investigate your backyard after dark. If you’re lucky, you might run into a nature fairy or wood sprite who will give you good luck in exchange for your lighting up their path.

Exploring nature at night is a wonderful way for children and teens to be even more connected to nature and Mother Earth. Over time, a simple hobby of nature watching with a jar of LED lights may grow to become a full time career in some area of environmental science.