What is Hearth Star Festival all about? The creators of the festival came together to share a vision of what is most important for the world … and for humanity.

During these modern times, young people are hearing about the Coronavirus Pandemic and about Global Warming. Our vision for all of humanity – and especially our youth – is that of Peace and Sustainability.

What does all that mean to you, a child or teen in the year 2020? It means that we are holding a vision of all of humanity – all the brothers and the sisters of the planet – coming together in peace to support global healing, compassion, and love.

What is more, we envision your generation taking the reigns of this wildly spinning planet, to steer us into a future that is filled with sustainable energy, industry, and lifestyles.

So, the words Peace and Sustainability may be a little new to you … but please know that we at Hearth Star Festivals are holding the space for you to grow into your personal power. Power that will allow you to transform the environment back to a thriving and vibrant living energy.

And Power that will fill the hearts and minds of all humans – adults and children alike – with a reverence for Peace and Enlightenment.

Wishing you all a joyous Festival Experience … from the Team at Hearth Star Festivals.