Hand made gifts are always the most special. And that is especially true when the gift is art. Children are able to create, express, and even heal through creative and expressive arts. And the arts that are done by hand are some of the most beneficial.

The rich colors of finger paints delight the imagination and what the creative appetite. meanwhile, the squishy smooth texture of the paint fills the senses with wet wonderfulness.

Children get to use their senses of sound as they hear the squishing the paint between their fingers … and might even enjoy the smell of freshly opened finger paints.

Are you feeling extra creative? Look online or visit Pinterest for recipes for make-at-home finger and craft paints made from simple ingredients like sugar, flour, corn starch, salt, and water.

Do you have a passion for paint? Then please share your artwork … or may be even a video of your creative process … with us here at Hearth Star Festivals. We will select a variety of children and youth submissions to include here on this website.

Please be sure to have your parents fill out the permission form to have your art or video considered for publishing.

Happy painting … and see you at the Festival!!!