Children have incredible inner powers that they have only to learn to tap. Take meditation and yoga, for instance. It turns out that children – even toddlers – can learn to calm their minds and bodies by learning to meditate and do yoga postures or positions.


Even older children, including teenagers, can improve their focus, memory, and mood by sitting quietly in a cross legged position. Breathing deeply while sitting still will even help the brain to calm any chaos and put more energy into useful and productive thinking and processing.

Want to know how to introduce meditation and yoga to a child? Just check it out online or look for wonderful books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Playing peaceful serene music, like some of the music being performed during the Hearth Star Festival, helps some children be even calmer and more focused.

Are you already an accomplished practitioner of yoga or meditation? Perhaps you can record a short teaching video to show others children and teens how to practice yoga and meditation to improve their health, learning, memory, and mood.

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