When children create art with crayons, paints, markers, and clay, their creations may last a lifetime. Consider, however, the fun of creating art with chalk … a medium that is sometimes as fleeting as a flower petal floating on a breeze.

Everyone remembers the beautiful chalk paintings that Burt made in the original movie Mary Poppins. One of the chalk paintings were so realistic that the characters literally jumped into the picture and became part of the fantasy landscape.

When the rain came, however, the chalk picture was washed away. Leaving a fresh and clean sidewalk canvas. Ready for another artist on another day to create another chalk masterpiece.

Now, unlike in the olden days, young artists do not have to lose their chalk creations due to wind, rain, or walking feet. Instead, they can take pictures of their masterpieces to save forever. Then, when the elements wash away their latest creation, they can look forward to getting out there on the sidewalk or driveway and do it all again.

If parents want their children to enjoy the beauty of calk artistry, but do not have a sidewalk or driveway in which their children can create … never fear. Home improvement stores sell gallons of chalk board paint that will turn any solid surface into a blackboard … or green or grey or blue board depending on the color of the paint.

Are you a chalk artist? Check out our submission page to see if you are intersted in sharing a picture of video of you creating your chalk masterpiece. Please remeber to have our parents complete the authorization for us to consider your submission.