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Live events to delight the mind, heal the heart, and sustain the planet.

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Live Streaming Event on YouTube & Facebook May 21, 22 & 23

Live Streaming Event on YouTube and FaceBook – Music, Dance, Performance Art, Kids Event, Inspiration

Join us for HeartH Star Festival as we celebrate Life through Song, Dance, Live Performance, Inspiration & Fun. Five hours of pure streaming joy will broadcast over the Facebook and YouTube platforms on May 21, 22 & 23. Saturday morning, look for the kids’ programming … with something for teens and tweens all the way down to toddlers and families. Register now to receive updates on the lineup of entertainment, the links to the live events, and special offers from our participating sponsors.

If you or someone you know would like to be an Online Ambassador to promote HeartH Star Festival, please check out our submission page for details. We will give a festival tee-shirt to the top five Online Abassadors who demonstrate respect for others and passion for sharing the word about Peace and Sustainability.


Music Lovers Unite!!!

 Does music make your head bounce and your feet tap? Do drums pound a happy beat in your heart? Does harmony fill your soul with visions of a bright future?

If so, then WE WANT YOU!!!

Join HeartH Star Festivals in sharing the Good Word about magical music, divine dance, and awesome artistic expression coming up

May 21, 22, & 23.

We need Youth and Teen ambassadors to get out the word about the Festival – which will stream live all three days over

YouTube & Facebook

Plus, with your eye for talent, we need you to scout out future artists, musicians, dancers, speakers, and performers. Please send them to our Submissions page to register to submit their artistic or expressive creation … whether an image, a poem or story, or video. Teens and youth under 18 must have their parents sign the permission form for their submission to be evaluated for publishing on our website.

And who knows … we just might uncover the next Biggest Star … right here at

HeartH Star Festivals … a Live Streaming Celebration of Life through Music, Dance, Creative Expression, and Inspiration.


What is Bongo’s Favorite Food?

Daniel in Atlanta asks: What is Bongo's Favorite Food?    Bongo Answers: "Peanut butter is my favorite food."

Lighter Than Air

Balloons are amazing objects ... filled with air, possibility, and imagination. Children can imagine that a balloon is an imaginary friend just floating alongside them on the way home. Or perhaps the balloon is a space ship waiting to beam up friends to take them to a...

Save the Earth

What is Hearth Star Festival all about? The creators of the festival came together to share a vision of what is most important for the world ... and for humanity. During these modern times, young people are hearing about the Coronavirus Pandemic and about Global...

Festive Face Painting

Face painting touches the heart and mind of most every child who visits a festival. Please use the resources in your home to recreate the joy of a festive painted face for our Hearth Star Festival. Mom and Dad can order real children's face paint from Amazon, at the...

Hand-made Arts

Hand made gifts are always the most special. And that is especially true when the gift is art. Children are able to create, express, and even heal through creative and expressive arts. And the arts that are done by hand are some of the most beneficial. The rich colors...

Lead by Rap, Song, Lyric

We live in an entirely fresh and unexpected world. The leaders of the past were hall monitors, class president, and teacher's pet. But the Youth Leadership of today approaches their responsibilities with an entirely different energy ... and often with a mic. The...

Chalk It Up To Creativity

When children create art with crayons, paints, markers, and clay, their creations may last a lifetime. Consider, however, the fun of creating art with chalk ... a medium that is sometimes as fleeting as a flower petal floating on a breeze. Everyone remembers the...

Puppets Perform Onstage

Meet Greenie and Bongo, the puppet mascots for Orchard Human Services, Inc. These furry friends are incredibly excited to be taking center stage for the children's performance. Of course, we had to let them know that they are not the only stars. Other singers,...

This Little Light of Mine

What is better than your very own flashlight to explore outside at night? Why, your very own jar of stringed LED lights. Your parents can help your find a plastic jar, like a mayonnaise jar, and fill it with a mini string of LED decorate lights. You will be filled...

Who is Bongo’s Hero?

Jessie from Columbus, GA asks "Who is Bongo's hero?"   Bongo's answer: "The people who save children are my hero. Like doctors and nurses, police officers, soldiers, and some teachers."

Speakers for the Audiophile

At Tetra, our philosophy is that every Tetra Listening Instrument™ must deliver the rush of a physiological response to the music being played. We call them HRMs (hair raising moments) and every recording has them. Our wish is that you will experience this euphoria for yourself and become part of the Tetra Story.

Transcend Speakers

The main thing about Tetra is that the experience of listening to music through Tetras always exceeds the hyperbole and everybody gets it!

Tetra - More Than Just Speakers

Tetra Speakers presents a 14 day in-home listening program so you can get the Tetra listening experience in the comfort of your own home and let Tetra demonstrate to you directly that you really can get what you really, really want. Contact Tetra Speakers for details.


Tetra Speakers 

is a proud sponsor of

HeartH Star Festivals

Calm the Soul, Soothe the Spirit

Humanity is facing some tough challenges, but together as a family we will make it through. Let us remember loved ones affected by Coronavirus. Let us remember neighbors facing lack and loss of hope. And let us come together in unity to celebrate with music, song, dance, lyrics, performance art, and inspiration.

If you or someone you know is in distress, please click the link below to access our Emotional Support page.

There, you will find ebooks for downloading, links to mental health resources, and inspiration to help you through these tough times.

Our hope is for you to find your way back … to once again soak in the light of the sun, breathe in the air of the breeze, and thrive within the family of humanity.

Ignite the Spirit     

Awaken the Soul 

Remember the Dream